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Sherry Holdings LLC is five premier testing companies combining to provide uniquely accredited testing, technical expertise and services of superior quality thru ten testing facilities. Since our foundation in 1947, Sherry has been adding value to our customers’ businesses and the industries they serve by providing efficient, timely and responsive services.

Sherry Laboratories is organized to be a single source provider of third-party metallurgical, nonmetallic, environmental, air/emissions, food/microbiological and hydrocarbon testing as well as specialty gases. We provide reliable, legally defensible testing results that satisfy our customers’ precise specifications and their scheduling requirements.

Our goal is to do more than simply satisfy our clients, however. We are driven to delight them. That is why the objective throughout our entire company is to provide consistent on-time delivery, industry leading turn-times and quality of the highest magnitude, both in terms of accreditations, test results and the overall customer experience. From our dedicated, friendly and helpful customer service team to the engineers and technicians performing the evaluations, we know and understand that our success is built on the success of those we serve. We are passionate about demonstrating our gratitude to them for making Sherry Laboratories their lab of choice.

Our growing network of locations reaches across several regions of the country and supports customers throughout the United States and the world. The industries served by Sherry Laboratories are as diverse as the services we offer and include companies in the aerospace, automotive, consulting, defense, food processing, manufacturing, medical device, municipality, natural gas and oil production, nuclear, petrochemical, pressure vessel, remediation, and utility industries.

Our Mission

To provide independent and uniquely accredited environmental and materials testing, technical services and products of the highest quality in a cost-effective and timely manner for the success of our clients.

Our Testing Divisions

Metallurgical Testing

Nonmetallic Testing

Engineering Services (Failure Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Special Engineering Projects)

Environmental Testing

Air and Emissions Testing

Petrochemical Testing and Specialty Gasses

Food and Microbiological Testing

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