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Sherry Laboratories' food and microbiology testing services range from HACCP evaluations to food shelf life testing, from salmonella to acid producing microorganisms, and from special analyses outlined by our customers to procedures conducted in accordance with federal, national and state guidelines.

Our laboratory is staffed by skilled scientists who are dedicated to providing continuous value for Sherry clients and their customers. En route to generating reliable test data and results, we take a personal interest in providing a testing experience that meets our clients' needs and exceeds their expectations. 

While others talk about providing superior customer service, we demonstrate it 364 days (closed Christmas) a year by providing personal attention to your account. Our convenient customer portal allows customers the flexibility to access reports at their convenience, 24/7.

In addition to the services listed below, Sherry Laboratories can do a variety of custom analyses.  Contact us by any of the convenient methods listed below for further information.

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Environmental Air & Surface Monitoring (HACCP testing services)

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Food Microbiology Lab

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"Midwest Poultry Services has had the pleasure of working with Sherry Laboratories for the past 12 years. Your staff has been very knowledgeable on the latest regulations governing the egg industry. All are great to work with and have been helpful with any questions we have had.

We appreciate the fact that Sherry has been proactive in participating in regional meetings with the FDA concerning the newly passed egg safety laws. This assures to us that there will be no confusion in procedures and protocols when testing our product.

It is a huge benefit to Midwest to have a lab of their caliber within 30 minutes from a majority of our live production facilities. Submitting samples in minutes instead of overnight allows for fast and accurate results for our consumers.

Thanks again for all you do and we look forward to many more years of working with you."

Bob Krouse, CEO

Midwest Poultry Services, L.P.

"New Horizons/Genesis Baking Company has utilized the services of Sherry Laboratories for the past several years. Their Customer Service is exemplary, as is the attention to the changing needs within the food industry. Our company appreciates that they stay abreast of all current and future needs with all of the new Federal Regulations. Without hesitation we would recommend Sherry Laboratories for their quality and commitment."

Marsha Black

New Horizons Baking Company

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How to Submit a Sample

For our customers who do their own sample collection, we can supply a variety of collection supplies for your Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program at no additional cost. Please call us for details. The items include:

  • 100cm2 Templates
  • Bird Rinse Kits
  • Carcass Sampling Kits
  • Contact Plates with a variety of medias
  • Containers - bags, bottles, vials, and specimen containers
  • Drag Swabs - a square on a string for drag sampling
  • Dry Swabs
  • Media Swabs - with media specific to the microbe analysis
  • Sponges in Bags - both dehydrated and pre-hydrated

Samples should be collected and stored in a sterile container and then refrigerated during transit. Non-sterile containers may produce erroneous results.

Microbial samples must arrive at the laboratory within 24 hours of collection.

Dry goods should be kept dry during transit and held at their normal stable temperature.

Please follow good sampling techniques, as your results can be influenced by improper sampling. If you have questions about sample collection, please contact us.

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